Nutrition for Children

The first years of childhood are rich and fun for the little ones. There is so much to experience and learn: first to walk, further to run, sled, go skiing, ride a bike and climb green leafy trees. With great enthusiasm, children meet new challenges and cheer happily when they master a new discipline, be it cycling in the summer or skiing downhill in the winter. In a few years, children acquire a wealth of great skills that deserve both recognition and praise.

These little active bodies need lots of nutritious food; the best there is. In addition, children are growing and they need food that helps them thrive and grow strong and healthy. Pure plant food contains lots of valuable nutrients, like vitamins and minerals that are essential for growing and health. On this site you can read about all the wonderful plant food, fruit and vegetables that will make the young one flourish and grow. The menu, with tasteful meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, includes both raw and cooked food, which is optimal for children. Here you can also read about fun things to do together with your kids in the kitchen, how to encourage them to eat more fruit and vegetables and some information about nutrition for kids.

Enjoy and have fun with your young one :-)

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