Menu with Fruit & Vegetables

*In the morning, offer your children some fruit for breakfast, like a banana and berries together with granola or in a smoothie. Bananas are full of potassium, as well as give your children energy while tasting greate. Carrots make a wonderfully sweet juice and mangoes are also great in a smoothie with some baby spinach. Another excellent smoothie to try is one made out of fresh carrot juice and almond milk (equal parts), one banana and some cinnamon. Delicious!

*Make a fruit and veggie lunch box for your children with their favorite vegetables. Children love an attractive presentation, so try making some nice flowers and funny shapes with cookie cutters.

*For dinner, try making a habit of serving vegetables together with main dishes, such as a nutritious paté (children love to dip!), whole grain spaghetti or buckwheat noodles with an organic tomato sauce. Alternatively, there are some wonderful vegan nut or bean cheeses that can be warmed and tossed with whole grain pasta, to make a nutritious macaroni and "cheese". Some other options are some delicious maple baked beans, chickpea curries (not too spicy), vegetarian bean chillies or vegetable tofu stir-fries with nori pieces that are comforting and warm for children. This is wonderful to balance out the raw energy that the children are getting from all the raw fruits and vegetables they will now be thriving on.

*During the day, have pieces of pre-washed and cut vegetables easily accessible for your children, especially when they are hungry after returning home from school. On the kitchen table, try setting some nice bowls with different veggie pieces so the children can serve themselves before dinner. This way, they are already starting to eat their dinner and filling up on fresh, nutritious vegetables, just when they needed it, and you can be rest assured that they are getting their fair share of vegetables with dinner.

*Before bedtime, let your kids also try a raw dessert, like walnut balls, high in protein and low in sugar, or also try an avocado mashed with banana for a light snack with a slightly warmed glass of almond milk. In evening, it is best to avoid fruit or snack with too much sugar or fructose, since it can make the child´s mind awake and, as all parents know, this is not what you want at bedtime!

Thank you Sarah, mother to sweet two year old boy, for some of these 
wonderful recipes. 

Link to Tasteful Meals - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner to Children.
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