Vegetable Wraps

While most of us equate wraps with bread, there is a multitude of other tasty and delicious options for making wraps, like collard greens, cabbage leaves, and excellent raw food wraps made with blended and dehydrated bell peppers and corn. Try this easy and fun recipe for a green wrap filled with delicious vegetables.

Start with a large, green leaf and place it on a plate. Gently spread some avocado evenly over the leaf and top with vegetables like red bell peppers, cucumbers, shredded carrots, tomatoes and corn kernels and sprinkle over some salt. Then, wrap the leaf around in the shape of a tortilla and enjoy it fresh!

You may exchange the mushrooms with beans or lentils and the avocado cream with sesame butter (tahini). If you want to use a dressing; just arrange the vegetables on the leaf and top with your favourite dressing! Follow your wishes and do what brightens your day. This is a delicious meal which is perfect for lunch. Bon Appétit! 

Picture: Whole grain Tortillas

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