High Acid Production

When you are exposed to strong feelings such as grief, anxiety and other forms of stress, the body can secrete an increased level of acid production, in some cases, so much acid that an ordinary diet cannot neutralize the secretion. Here I will give you some advice to counteract this effect. This advice starts at sunrise :-)

Eat an alkaline breakfast

Acid accumulates in the body during the night. Having an alkaline breakfast like a green smoothie, a glass of vegetable juice, some avocado or a colourful salad with fresh vegetables can neutralize the surplus of acid in the morning. Drinks with super green power and chlorella are also great for breakfast.

Throughout the day, try to eat as much alkaline food as you can, such as greens (broccoli, kale & collard greens), raw vegetables, like carrots, kohlrabi, avocado, white potatoes (yes, they taste beautiful raw :-) and, similarly, almonds and other nutritious nuts. Listen to your body and choose food that neutralizes acid the best. And, when you are thirsty, drink boiled water or a cup of hot alkaline herbal tea. If you visit a health food store, they will be able to help you.

When you have an excess of acid, it is also important to move your body. Moving your body is a wonderful thing you can do for yourself and can be as easy as cleaning your house, taking a run, riding a bike or taking a brisk walk. Physical activity releases acid and makes the body more alkaline, partly because we breathe deeper and faster, and sweat more. Fresh air also infuses our body with alkalinity.

If emotions are the cause of the excess acid production, it will really help to get contact with these emotions so you can release them. Cry if you are sad; release the frustration when you are angry, rest when you are tired and over-worked and pay attention to your emotions. It is best to find the source of any excess acid (e.g. diet, emotions, lack of sleep, too little physical activity) and resolve to change it. Then the body will often come into balance by itself. 

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