Varied Diet during Pregnancy

Ensuring you eat a varied and healthy diet will give your baby the best nutrition. Mothers who eat a varied diet during pregnancy and lactation will also accustom their children to the various flavors of a range of healthy foods, since the flavor of the food you eat passes over to the placenta and through a mother´s milk. This wide range in tastes also benefits a child when he is weaned from breast feeding. To read more, please click here, Mother´s Milk

Eating for two

While “eating for two” is a common pregnancy expression, it is now largely recognized as a myth. During the first trimester, or the first three months of pregnancy, additional nutritional requirements only necessitate an additional fruit per day to the mother’s usual diet. During the next three months, or the second trimester, a mother can safely add an additional afternoon snack and another fruit per day to fulfill extra nutritional requirements. The last trimester, or final three months of pregnancy, the addition of two snacks, plus another piece of fruit is recommended per day. A healthy snack can consist of a slice of bread or toast with a healthy spread like nut butter or lettuce, soy cheese and tomato (please avoid peanuts during pregnancy though). A general guideline for a healthy snack is between 200-300 calories (extra calories needed during the first trimester is negligible).

Morning Sickness

It is normal to experience morning sickness in the first three months of pregnancy. To ease the discomfort of nausea, it may help to eat smaller snacks more often, choosing cold foods without smell, and staying hydrated by drinking ample water. In addition, try to avoid foods high in sugar and fat.

Physical activity

Physical activity benefits both you and your baby. You can, in most cases, continue to exercise as usual. If you have not exercised before becoming pregnant, it is a good time to start regular brisk walks or any other form of exercise you may like, so long as it is not too strenuous. Physical activity has many health benefits, like increasing the blood stream throughout your body, which, in turn, increases the nutrition delivered to the fetus. In addition, physical activity regulates your appetite and weight, strengthens your bones and makes you happier! :-)

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