Mother´s Diet

The type of fat present in a mother´s milk is affected by the type of fat that the mother eats. Therefore, if you are breastfeeding, it is advisable to mainly eat healthy fats found in plant food and vegetable oils to fully nourish your baby. An excellent variety of plant oils to include in your diet are canola oil (omega-3), olive oil (omega-6) and coconut oil (a healthy saturated fat).

A nursing mother needs lots of energy, even more than pregnant women. Therefore, during the time you are breastfeeding, you can safely add an extra two snacks per day, in additional to your regular healthy diet. Increasing water and fluid intake is also recommended during breastfeeding, as nursing mothers often have a high thirst level.

When breastfeeding, it is also essential to take a B12 supplement, which benefits you and also your baby by passing through your breast milk. Additionally, calcium supplement is needed to help the baby build strong bones, and an omega-3 supplement is also needed to support healthy brain development. If you have low iron stores, you will also need to supplement iron. 

Beyond all this, just enjoy the precious time with your beautiful baby :-)

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