Raspberry Ice Cake

When you freeze a raspberry/banana smoothie in a little, round shape, it can be served as an Ice Cake.

Ingredients                                      Yield, a small Ice Cake, 2-4 portions

6 ripe bananas

2 pints raspberries

*Estimate about 2-3 bananas per guest.

Put fruit and berries in the blender and blend to a creamy consistency.

Pour the smoothie into a round plastic shape with low sides and set it in the freezer.

Before serving

Turn the form and rinse under warm water to loosen the ice from the form.

Gently arrange the raspberry ice on a beautiful plate, let it melt a little while and divide the Ice Cake into pieces of cake.

Serving Suggestions

This berry cake is best served fresh, with coconut sprinkled on the top. 

*This raspberry cake tastes beautiful when the ice begins to melt :-)

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