Tasteful Meals

Since children are so active, they need lots of energy from their food. Here are 
some nutritious and tasteful meals they can choose from during the day:

- Oatmeal porridge with cinnamon, sliced apples, bananas and raisins.
- Fresh smoothie with müsli, banana and berries.
- Slices of sprouted bread with soy cheese or nut spread and bananas.

For older children try:
- Buckwheat granola with banana and almond milk. 

- Lunch box with vegetable roll, fruit and granola bars.
- Any raw soup, made from carrots, butternut squash or tomato.
- A garden wrap (whole grain tortilla) with shredded veggies, hummus and tahini.
- Some nori rolls with brown rice and vegetables. 
  Be creative and add whatever your child likes!

- Nut milk risotto with butternut squash, mushrooms, tomatoes and vegetables.
- Whole grain spaghetti with tomato sauce and paté balls.
- Rice made of turnips, parnips or cauliflower, served with healthy nut balls.

Colourful Meal Ideas
- Spaghetti made with carrots and parnips gently tossed with your kids favourite dressing.
- Small broccoli florets, gently massaged or marinaded with a little salt and lemon juice to make softer.

Try to decorate meals with beautifully flowered carrot bowls with different vegetables on the table to 
allow children to choose their favourite veggies.

- Granola or müsli with plant milk and fruit.
- Whole grain tortilla with tofu and vegetables.
- Date and walnut scones.
- Vegetables like sliced cucumbers or baked beets and carrots.

Link to Breakfast, Lunch , Dinner and Supper Menu with Fruit & Vegetables.
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