When On-the-Go

Preferably, children under three years of age should avoid food and drinks with added sugar. Small children may react to added substances in food, so please be careful with anything that has sugar and artificial ingredients. For the youngest of children, this can be really easy since they light up at the sight of any small, delicious serving of completely all-natural, wholesome food. Your little one will be just as happy to get a half banana in her hand as a muffin :-) 

If you bring some fruit and fresh sandwiches when you go out, you will always have something on hand when hunger strikes. The same philosophy applies to drinking; just bring a small bottle of water for your child. When your child gets thirsty, it is water the little body needs, not sugar in form of juices and soft drinks. Sugar negatively affects a youngster in body and mind, from his sleep to concentration. High levels of sugar can even leach vitamins and minerals from his or her little body. 

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