Organic Food for Children

If you want to give your children optimal health, a pure diet with organic food is the best you can give them. Organic food is grown without chemicals and pesticides and is the cleanest food we can get today. Most larger food shops have a wide range of colourful, organic fruits and vegetables, whole grain breads, rolls and spaghetti, plant milks and other things children like and enjoy. Fresh fruit and vegetables taste and look especially delicious!

Equally important as ensuring your children eat organic food and drinks, is to protect your children from fast food. Fast food contains so many unfortunate and harmful substances for the body and mind, that children should be protected from them when at all possible. In addition, encourage your child to avoid artificial sweets and soft drinks that contain synthetic additives.

When it is time to have a cozy, relaxing day or night with your children, instead of eating unhealthy food, try doing something nice together, like taking a walk in the woods, a stroll along the beach, riding your bicycles or playing ball in the garden. Or if it is raining, give your children colourful pencils and some paper at the dinner table and draw some fabulous paintings together. Turn off your cell phone for a few hours and let your children feel valued and precious. The most loving and supporting activity you can do for your children is to pay attention to them and let them be seen and heard - a muffin or ice cream is nothing compared to that! So try to adjust your thinking and be creative the next time you want to make your children happy. What excites children most is to get your time and attention. If you also offer them some fruit or a delicious smoothie, you will have a perfect day :-)

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