Fun Things to Do

Let your children use their creativity by making art out of fruit and vegetables. Here are some nice and funny things to do on a big plate:

 * Create a Happy Face with sliced bananas for eyes, raisins for nose and orange slices as a mouth.

 * Make another Happy Face with cherry tomatoes for eyes, a strawberry for a nose and a small banana for mouth.

 * Make a Christmas Tree with green salad made of kale, chopped red and yellow bell pepper, pine nuts and a bright piece of oranges the Christmas star.

 * Make a Tropical Island using celery hearts and parsley grass.

 * Make a Banana Boat with sails of pineapple.

 * Create a Beautiful Garden with carrot flowers, corn flowers, cilantro grass and small broccoli floret trees.

 * Create a Cosy Meadow with spinach grass and carrot flowers.

 * Make a Beautiful Green Parsley Valley with broccoli trees and cauliflower sheeps.

 * Or fill a red bell pepper with sticks of carrot and cucumber.

After decorating the plate, serve your child´s beautiful arrangement as a side dish to dinner that he or she can share with the whole family. Children are usually inclined to eat more when they have made the food themselves. Also, try taking picure of your child´s beautiful artwork to congratulate them for their wonderful effort!
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