Banana Ice Cream

Even though bananas don’t give the most exciting colour, it soon makes up for this with a wonderful taste! The riper the bananas are, the sweeter the taste! There are many ways to make this delicious treat: in a blender or, to make the softest and very best, a Green Star juicer. Here are two different recipes - choose what suits you best!

Ingredients for both recipes:                  Yield, 2 portions

6 ripe bananas (estimate 2-3 bananas per person)        

1. Banana Ice Cream in a blender:

Peel the bananas, divide them in small slices (1-2 cm), lay them in a single layer in a large plastic box and place in the freezer.

After they are frozen and before using, take the banana slices out and let them melt a little while. When softer, blend to a smooth consistency, like that of ice cream.

2. Banana Ice Cream in a Green Star juicer:

Peel the bananas, lay them whole in some plastic bags and place in the freezer.

When frozen, make soft banana ice cream with Green Star using the homogenizing plate. 

Run the frozen bananas through whole, pushing gently with the plunger. You’ll be amazed 

at how much this tastes, looks and has the texture of real soft-serve ice cream!

Serving Suggestions

This banana ice cream is best served with delicious red berry sauce and chocolate sauce (link)

*To make strawberry or raspberry sauce, just blend berries with some dates or agave syrup.

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