This month I have the pleasure of presenting a raw food menu made with fresh, organic ingredients. This delicious menu has breakfast, lunch and dinner options - each with different dishes to choose from.

Some of us begin the morning with a green smoothie in the form of vegetables or green powder, while others have smoothies with some fresh fruit - all healthy and easily digestible. This breakfast menu takes breakfast beyond the ordinary, into a hearty meal that is deeply satisfying, like a buckwheat and granola dish served with almond milk, berries and fruit. The first month of autumn is a wonderful time to celebrate and remember the summer by using the tender berries that grew in the summer heat, like strawberries and raspberries.

The lunch menu further has beautiful dishes like raw vegetables served with a light avocado cream paté on crackers with a side of soup. All of these tasty dishes are so easy to prepare!

The dinner menu includes a variety of entrées like spaghetti, pates, vegetable cakes and soup, seasoned seeds and nuts. Some of these dishes can be so elegantly prepared that they could easily be served in the finest gourmet dining places (evident in the pictures :-). Fortunately, we don´t need to go out to enjoy these simple culinary pleasures; they are best enjoyed in our own home, lovingly prepared in our kitchen.





Stay tuned for next month in October, when I will present beautiful desserts :-)

My Wonderful Meeting with Jennifer

In connection with my wonderful raw food menu this month, it is my pleasure to 
present Jennifer Cornbleet, my favourite instructor from the Living Light Culinary 
Arts Institute in California where I received my raw education. Besides having a 
beautiful disposition, she is also an accomplished teacher. She has published two books on raw foods - one with the everyday meals, the other with desserts (both books are available at her web site). 

Raw Food Made Easy is one of the recipe books I´ve used most. Like Jennifer, I like my meals simple and natural, where the food is kept in the most original form possible. Some of the recipes in my Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner menu on Butterfly Nutrition are from her book. I warmly recommend this book (and it has already sold over 100 000 copies). This month it is being launched in a new, expanded edition with more recipes and chapters about healthy topics like green smoothies and more (plus more gorgeous pictures to enjoy). :-) 

Visit Jennifer’s website to get a free e-book with menus and easy recipes. In addition, her site has many raw videos where you can see, firsthand, how to make healthy raw food. This month, she´ll also post a new monthly video, with dishes from her updated book. I am looking forward to see them all. 
Please visit Jennifer’s website here :-) Enjoy!

Have a wonderful transition from summer to autumn! 

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