Life of Chickens and Turkeys

Chickens and turkeys are bred to grow fast and to yield a high amount of meat – far faster than their skeletal naturally develops, which causes great pain and suffering, both in terms of heart problems and joint problems. This means their legs cannot carry their heavy bodies, which creates difficulty for standing upright and moving freely.

Chicks are taken from their mothers and placed in a big, dim hall with thousands of other chickens, where they walk around alone, completely abandoned without their mother or someone else to provide safety. 

Regulations require that 20 chickens per square meter is allowed, however, this becomes smaller and smaller as the animals grow. This large number of chickens results in an equal amount of feces that the animals are forced to walk and step on. This causes pain and sores on their feet, in addition to filling the air with the strong scent of ammonia. When the chickens are four weeks old they are tightly packed in boxes,  and sent to the slaughterhouse. Veterinary reports show high and sad numbers of chicken deaths before they even arrive to the slaughterhouse.

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