Nutrition for Teenagers

As children get older (and more tired in the morning), many go to school without having eaten breakfast. Some bring a packed lunch, which they eat for lunch, while others buy food in the canteen or the nearest store. Teenagers are at an age where they have money and want to exercise a little more control over their life by choosing to eat different foods, which can often lead to daily intake of pizza, muffins, soft drinks, and unhealthy snacks such as chocolate. 

If your child has grown up with good eating habits, don’t worry too much, it will most likely return when they get older - what is once learned will forever remain. But sometimes a teenager needs a reminder of what an unhealthy diet will do to their body. They are still growing and need nourishment, which there is little of in muffins (but lots of sugar and unhealthy fats.)

Packed lunches

Some teenagers will continue to eat their lunch as before and enjoy bringing their lunch box to school - that is excellent! But for teens who do not want a packed lunch, as parents, you may want to think in new ways. Instead of sandwiches, one can fill a whole grain pita bread with some tasty spread, vegetables and soy cheese or buy some whole wheat bread rolls and make a vegan burger. They both look similar to canteen food and may be more natural for teenagers to eat. A lunch box is also often popular and fashionable for girls. By making it vegan, it can be filled with fresh salad, cherry tomatoes, tofu and soy cheese. Just have an open talk to your teens and ask if they would like to try some new and interesting options for lunch that are healthier than the food they buy at school.

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