The Natural Life of Animals

In the articles that follow, you can read about many animals commonly used in agriculture and how they were naturally intended to live. As with so many animals, mother and child is a precious unity. When a little calf is born, all his mother’s body, emotion and soul are tuned into taking care of her little one and the calf is completely dependent on her love, milk and care to grow healthy and enjoy his life. This is the same for other animals, like sheep and lambs, goats and kids, and pigs and piglets. Nature created them all - mother and child - to be together for the first part of the young one’s life and, in some animals, to even stay close well into adulthood.

In addition, nature provides all the nutritious food the little families need to stay healthy and thrive, like fresh, green grass for cows and sheep, tasty roots and truffles to excite pigs, and wonderful seeds for picking hens. The supply is rich and is filled with all the nutrients needed for the animals to live healthy, long lives. Enjoy the following little stories about the natural life of these animals and try to imagine this future for all of our beautiful fellow beings. By visualizing this - and not eating animal products – together we can create this vision of a more compassionate world, where all animals can live safely, side by side with us. Then they can all enjoy their lives on Mother Earth, just as they were meant to.   

Source: Scientific Studies

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