Ideal Weight

It is amazing how our body can maintain the same weight, year after year, when we are adults. With perhaps some minor variances, the body regulates itself. I am always amazed at how my own body does it without me having to think about it; adjusting my food intake by making me hungry or satisfied.

When I travel to Australia, which is like my second homeland, I always loose weight in the warm weather. Surrounded with sunshine, fruit and salads taste wonderful together with some cold, sparkling water or juice. My body adjusts how much I desire, as it is often too warm to eat fatty food, like avocado and nuts - even too warm to eat chocolate sometimes!

Then, when I come home after a couple of months, I get hungry and crave fatty foods, like avocado and nuts, to gain weight again and return my body to its natural weight. This cycle just happens naturally.

My body also regulates itself at home. When I eat too much for lunch, like three avocados, I do not feel the need to eat fatty food for dinner, so I make a light and colorful salad instead. And when I have been hiking in the mountains, I always replenish my energy by craving fattier, denser foods. This is the gift of nature and the wonderful way the body regulates itself. I truly believe this is how we are meant to live; listening to our precious bodies, instead of counting calories and jumping up and down on a weight. We can all tune into the way that our body naturally balances itself.

In the following articles, you can read more about how to start eating natural and more about our biological weight.

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