Ice Cream

Fruit and berries are excellent for making ice cream.

When making fruit and berry ice cream, bananas are an especially wonderful ingredient, as they are soft and creamy. There are many ways to make ice cream, like using an ice cream machine or a special juicer, like the Green Star, but there are also other easy ways to create this special treat:

The first option is blending all the fresh ingredients, like banana and raspberry, in a blender and put the cream in the freezer to freeze. When you are ready to serve the ice cream, remove the container from the freezer and allow it to thaw for about 15 minutes. Then scoop with an ice cream scooper, arrange the delightful mixture in portioned bowls.

Another fun and easy way to make the ice cream, is to divide some fresh fruit, such as banana and mango, into small pieces, and place them on a plate and freeze them for 5-10 hours. Then, as before, let the fruit thaw for around 15 minutes and blend it in a blender until creamy and smooth - the ice cream is ready to eat! You may store any leftover in the freezer again.


Pure banana ice cream tastes delicious with chocolate and strawberry sauce. To make strawberry sauce, just blend some strawberries and agave nectar (roughly about 2 Tbsp. of agave to 1 cup berries). To make chocolate sauce, try blending avocado, raw cacao or carob powder and agave nectar. Both taste beautiful and look gorgeous atop of a little mountain of ice cream.

You can also blend fresh and frozen banana slices to get a lighter ice cream. Just put some pieces of fresh banana in the blender first, then add the frozen fruit and optional berries, and blend until creamy and smooth (adding the fresh banana first helps prevent the blender blades from getting stuck on frozen fruit). 

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