Raw Food

It is always best to eat vegetables in their natural state by not cooking them; just peel them and enjoy the taste. In this way, you get most of the nutrients. The beautiful plate in this picture is filled with carrots, red bell pepper, broccoli, tomatoes, cauliflower and kohlrabi  - and a tasteful avocado cream as dip. 
Raw vegetables are naturally alkaline and optimal fuel for the body. When cooking, they transform and lose much of their treasured nutrients, which you can easily feel when you try eating a raw carrot as opposed to a cooked one.

The joy of eating raw vegetables is that you experience the true life-force energy that the plants have absorbed from the sun and the soil, Mother Earth, during their growth. While current research only measures the vitamins, minerals and other micro -nutrients, there is no doubt that vegetables also have a life-force in them when they are harvested from the soil. When you try eating pure raw vegetables over a period of time and then eat a meal with cooked vegetables, you will immediately notice that the life-giving part of the vegetable is gone and you may miss the raw food.

A couple of carrots and a few slices of kohlrabi can be easily eaten as a snack, or also a raw salad for lunch with avocado and other vegetables you may like.  And why not try some cauliflower and broccoli florets to further enhance the salad? Experiment with all the different options and see how delicious it can taste :-)

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