The reason why people become vegans and decide to live on pure plant food varies. While some become vegans out of their love for animals, others may choose this lifestyle because of their health or to protect the environment.

A plant food lifestyle contains plenty of fruits and vegetables. In addition, you eat the food as close to its origin as possible with a variety of fresh fruit & berries, greens & vegetables, grains and nuts & seeds. The benefits of eating a vegan diet are endless: it contains high levels of fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and less saturated fat than ordinary food found in a standard diet. Therefore, it is naturally easier to stay healthy when eating plant food.

Eating organic food also has its advantages: since organic vegetables are grown in clean soil without pesticides and chemicals, most of the vitamins and minerals are preserved. By eating organically you provide your body with the best nutrition, as well as benefit the soils and the environment in which it was grown.

The benefits of being vegan are manifold. Plant food makes us happy and our bodies feel lighter, which gives us more energy and a lighter spirit and mind.

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