Vegetable Plate with Cheesy Dip

This dish is both delicious and easy to make. The only things you need are some fresh vegetables and a tasty dip. The colourful plate in the picture is filled with:

Yield, 2 plates


red bell pepper

small broccoli florets


white potatoes

green peas

Cheesy Dip

1 cup pine nuts


lemon juice



Picture: soy cheese dip


Cut the vegetables into slices and florets and arrange them nicely on a plate.

Grind the pine nuts in a coffee grinder, and put the nut meal in a blender. 

Add the lemon juice and water to create a light and creamy consistency, 

just a tablespoon each at a time to keep it smooth. Then sprinkle with salt 

and seasoning and blend briefly.

Serving Suggestions

Serve this colourful vegetable plate with a small bowl of cheesy dip in the 

middle of the plate. Enjoy!

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