Two Worlds

Eating plant food is sometimes like living on two different planets, one where people do not know anything about raw food and one where everyone seems to do. Usually, our surroundings, including family and friends, are unaware of the lifestyle and believe that you will lack nutrients, especially protein and calcium, without eating animal products and drinking cow’s milk. If you travel to raw food school or take a course, you are all of a sudden surrounded with people who believe eating raw is the most natural thing in the world! These people are excited to tell you that you can get all the needed nutrients by eating a variety of organic vegetables, nuts, seeds and fresh fruit. And that greens, like broccoli, are a wonderful source of protein and calcium.

Broccoli contains protein? How many of your friends would believe that?

And it is no wonder. We have all grown up with the information that fruit and vegetables contains vitamins and minerals and that animal products gives us protein. Even myself, who had been a vegetarian for a long time, took up to a year to believe that broccoli contained protein. Nuts and legumes were natural sources of protein, but vegetables? The thought was completely new and almost seemed too good to be true. And that is the way it often is; usually, we need some time to change our thoughts and beliefs especially around topics that we have been told since we were born. So it is no wonder even our healthiest friends can seem to be a little bit skeptical to all the new information. Just give them some time. Next time they hear it from another person, they will remember what you said and gradually change their minds too, especially if they read in a magazine that scientific studies have discovered it. Then they often quickly change their minds :-)

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