Colourful Smoothies

Children love colours! A fun and easy way to make them drink smoothies is to present all the beautiful colours in the rainbow. Set bowls with small pieces of different fruit and vegetables on the kitchen table and let them make their own special creation. Just play with the colours and have fun :-) Begin by letting your children choose the fruit and then let them choose the vegetables (since fruit is softer, it is best to put in the bottom of the blender to facilitate blending.) Then ask them which colour they think the smoothie will be ( just be sure not to blend red and green colours together -it makes brown and does not look attractive.)

And in the following days, when your children get thirsty, ask if they want a red or green smoothie - or maybe an orange smoothie with carrots and mango - or a blue one! Soon, they will begin asking you to make their favorite coloured smoothie, before you even think of it. Playing with colours makes it so easy and fun. Also, please do not be surprised by their wonderful creations - children are creative and can easily blend tastes you never thought could fit together but - amazingly - tastes delicious!

To view the wide array off fruit and vegetable colours to play with, click the link below.

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