It is August. The last month of summer begins with warm days and beautiful sunshine. The flower meadow is still in full bloom, lightening up its surroundings with colorful floral petals and luscious scents, while blueberries and raspberries can be picked in the wild.
In a few weeks school will start again, something which the youngest children are most excited about. Their very first day of school, with a new backpack, pencil case and fresh clothes will be something to remember. And every school day, they’ll tote along a packed lunch - usually in a special lunch box, like a pink princess theme for girls. As an outdoor instructor for children, I see many cute lunch boxes at lunch time when we're playing out in nature :-) The boys usually have a blue lunch box with a design they like, such as a train conductor or race car.

Daycare and School Meals
A packed lunch is always good to have when you get hungry. Most often, it consists of some pieces of bread with one or more toppings or a sandwich.
This month, I will show you some new and colorful varieties that children like, usually between the ages of three to ten years old. Children love colours, as well as having their food served in small pieces that can be eaten with their fingers. Vegetables such as carrots and kohlrabi, are always welcome when served as in the pictures here, transformed into lovely flowers and figures. A lunch can be both delicious and nutritious without containing sandwiches.

Lunch boxes are available today in many fun colours and varieties. The green box in the photo can be used both by older children and adults - ideal for lunch or when taking a walk in the woods, with ample room for both an apple and orange, and a little drink. By clicking on the links to the right, you can see more lunch menus and descriptions of how they´re prepared, such as how to divide the fruit into pieces and use a spoon to eat small, yellow corn grains :-)


Links to lunch boxes.   
Small Lunch - kindergarten and preschool
Large Lunch - older children    





Mountain Hiking 
August is the summer month in the mountains. A time that is perfect for hiking, as well as for exceptional experiences in nature. But some may wonder: what about the food? If you have a diet rich in raw food, such as fruits and vegetables, how will you prepare it?
Whether you go hiking in the mountains, from hut to hut, or stay in a cabin and take day trips up to the hills, the opportunity to cook is usually a little bit limited. Even the finest of cottages, with all kinds of facilities, seldom have a blender to make smoothies and juices. And where do you get your organic vegetables and fruits when you go from hut to hut - or lying out, under the open sky or in a tent, during a hike?

If you do the last thing (walk or hike), it is wise to bring some fruit and vegetables in your backpack for the first few days of the trip. It's always nice to have some fresh apples, oranges, bananas, carrots and the like, to eat during the walk. In addition to enjoying their wonderful taste, you´ll also get the joy of experiencing how the bag gets lighter and lighter every day, as the fruit is eaten. So the extra weight at the beginning of the trip is well worth the carry :-)

A mixture of nuts like almonds, hazelnuts mixed with raisins are also good to eat along the way, in addition to some raw chocolate nibs from a health food store. Energy and protein bars also are excellent additions and easy to pack. They contain concentrated nutrients with lots of energy. Energy bars are especially wonderful to have while hiking, if your hike becomes longer than expected and no more lunch remains. They are quick and easy to snack on in the mountains, and they deliver a high energy value. They also taste wonderful in the fresh and clean air you´re surrouded with; walking on a path or taking a rest, sitting by a beautiful lake :-)

And for those who like a green smoothie: Just bring a shake and a few bags of green powder and protein, such as hemp. By adding a few spoonfuls with greens, like spirulina and other superfood in the shake, with some water, you’ll get a tasty and nutritious morning drink that is also suited perfectly as a mid-morning snack.

Whether you are spending the month of August in the mountains, by the sea or simply at home, have a beautiful summer! :-)

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