Choosing Food the Body Needs

When children get pure, organic plant food, they usually choose to eat food that their body needs, like carrots to get beta-carotein or beets for iron. Even children who live on an ordinary diet can do that. When I was a child, I went a very long time just eating mackerel in tomato sauce for lunch. It tasted so good and was the only thing I wanted in my sandwich. Today, I realize it was more than the taste, since mackerel contains a high amount of omega-3 which is an essential fatty acid that we need from our food. When our body needs a component like protein or fat, or a special vitamin or mineral, we often get attracted to food that contains the nutrients we need. So let your children eat what they like as long as the food is healthy - even if they eat a special meal or vegetables for weeks. One day they will happily try something else :-)

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