Positive Changes

After all this disturbing information, there have been some positive gains in Norwegian agriculture the last decade. These changes are thanks to a young animal organization with skilled people; a biologist, a jurist and a veterinary who have managed to get animal welfare on the political agenda and out to many people who would otherwise be unaware. The name of the organization is Norwegian Animal Protection Alliance.

* In 2002, Norway prohibited piglet castration without local anaesthetic. Norway was the first country in the world to adopt this policy.

* This same year, cutting teeth was prohibition on piglets (earlier it was commonplace to cut a bit of the corner teeth on piglets.)

Since 2002, many new regulations have been made:

* Upcoming in 2013 all cattle shall have 2 months of outdoors grazing during the summer.

* In the cowshed, all cattle shall have a soft lay fundament, like a mat to lay on, so they not lay directly on concrete floor. 

*Stanchion barns (stall barns) shall be phased out during the next 24 years. From 2036 most cattle are intended to move freely inside the building. 

*All agriculture buildings with cattle, sheep, goat and hens must to have a fire alarm.

*Animal welfare is now part of the curriculum in Norwegian schools, for the Grade 4 class.

With much effort, in 2009, this same animal organization helped to pass a new animal 

welfare law that establishes that animals have intrinsic value.

*To learn more about this animal organization, please click here: dyrevern.no/english

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