Healthy Cells

We have about 200 types of cells in our marvellous body. They all have a unike and special role to play. While some are in the blood stream, like white and red blood cells, others are part of organs, such as heart cells, liver cells and kidney cells, add to muscle cells and others. Together, similar cells create tissues which join to form organs like heart and liver. The organs are further linked together by the circulatory system, the respiratory system and the digestive system, which all work together to make optimal conditions for the cells. 

Different cells have different lifespans. When some cells have short lives, others have long lives. Every seven years, most of your body cells will have reproduced and replaced themselves, some of them many times. Especially your skin cells, blood cells and the lining of your intestine are frequently replaced. Both the skin cells and the intestine cells have a short lifespan, usually around a week or less, and red blood cells live 100-120 days. It is almost like getting a new body. Even our bone structure gets regularly renewed.

The marvelous thing about this is; by eating a variety of fresh vegetables and fruit and nourishing your cells with nutritious food, you can almost create a whole new body! 

Isn´t that amazing and wonderful? That you can create a healthy and vibrant body with happy cells :-)

You can do it, if you want!

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