Pregnancy is a wonderful and sacred time in a woman’s life, filled with anticipation and excitement for the new life, or lives, she will be bringing in to the world. There are many things a mother can do to optimize the health of her baby while she is pregnant. Here are some formulas for excellent health for both mother and child: A healthy diet is important in all stages of life but especially important during pregnancy, particularly during the first trimester (first three months) when the foundation for fetal organ development is completed. During the second trimester, the organs get further developed; the last trimester is where the fetus puts on most of his or her body weight, which also means it is vitally important the mother and child get enough nutritious kilocalories and energy from food.

While pregnant, it is of utmost importance to ensure you are getting an ample supply of micro-nutrients. Please refer to this article “Vitamins & Minerals”, where you can read about which foods have the most important and highest level of micronutrients for excellent health.

A healthy diet consists of lots of fruit and vegetables, whole grain cereals and whole grain products; legumes, like beans and lentils;  nuts, seeds and plant oils. This provides a varied and balanced diet high in fiber, vitamins and minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats. In addition, it is wise to drink plenty of filtered water and to reduce your sugar intake.

Also, remember to enjoy your food when you eat! When you eat lunch, try to dress up your plate and make it look attractive by filling it with colourful vegetables beside your sandwich, or select a whole grain pita bread filled with a delicious and healthy filling like hummus or a nut pate that you enjoy. Try to garnish the plate with lettuce leaves, tomatoes and cucumber and have fun with the little one in your belly while you eat, letting him or her know that the healthy food you are eating is excellent for both of you. When you nurture yourself, you also nurture your little one and help to grow him or her into a healthy and strong baby.

If you are a vegan and eat a varied diet, you can continue to eat as before. In addition, it is 

recommended you take supplements for vitamin B12, vitamin D, calcium and an omega-3, 

in addition to a pre-natal multivitamin tablet every day.

For more information, please click here,  Pregnancy and nutrition

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