Positive Developments in Organic Farming

In terms of the availability of organic vegetables and fruit, things have come a long way in a very short time with some satisfying developments. Just a few years ago, one had to shop at a natural health food store to buy organic products. In these shops, potatoes and carrots were so covered with soil that, at home, you had to go straight to the washroom and rinse them off to prevent clogging the drain in the kitchen sink! Today, the same vegetables can be bought clean and newly rinsed in almost every supermarket, as a result of customers’ increasing awareness and demand for healthy food. For those who wonder how much change a vegan diet can make, this example shows just how much influence we, as consumers, have over the types of food that we have access to. Big players and producers will eventually meet market demand.

Watching this change has been exciting to follow and shows that people are moving in the right direction, even if a little bit remains. Further changes that will be exciting to watch will be to see more shelves filled with local food. While many stores used to carry an arrangement of local products, many products today come from faraway places around the globe, like apples, grapes and bell peppers. It will be exciting to see if the recent information on the benefits of more locally grown food will result in more locally sold fruit and vegetables. If it is anything like the demand for more organic fruits and vegetables, than it is likely to happen one day soon. 

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