Natural Eating

To get in touch with your natural eating you have to listen to your body’s signals. Sunday is a perfect day to do the training. You can both do it at home or outdoors. The most joyful way to do it is outdoors. Here is a nice way to do it:

In the morning, begin the day with eating a nutritious breakfast, like a granola or a fresh smoothie, and enjoy the morning meal. When you are finished, put away your watch and cell phone for the day, and look forward to a wonderful day living in harmony with your body’s wishes.

After breakfast, take a refreshing walk in nature and bring a tasteful lunch. During the walk, listen to the bird songs and look at the wonderful surroundings - enjoy the day and all the fresh air. When you get hungry, find a nice viewing spot or a green path where you can sit down and have your lunch. In the peaceful environment, try to eat slowly so you can feel the taste and appreciate your delicious lunch. When you are satisfied, save the rest of the food in your lunch box, if you still have some left, and continue walking on the green trail.

When you get home, after a refreshing day in nature, start preparing dinner when your hunger returns. Usually, we can feel hunger a little while before it begins. During the preparation, eat some carrots or other vegetables so you do not have to feel hungry. Create a nice atmosphere around the dinner table and take time to eat and relax. As you did with lunch, stop eating when you are comfortable, independent of whether or not you have eaten all your food. If there is still some food left on the plate, just put it in the fridge until later.

Between meals you can eat some fruit, vegetables or nuts if you get hungry. Make sure it is light food that gives you energy and nourishes your brain, and enjoy supper after the snacks are digested and your body needs more food. Then, after you have eaten your supper, you can look back on a wonderful day where you have followed your natural signals; eaten when you were hungry and having let your body rest between meals. Just by taking a rejuvenating Sunday like this, you get to know your body and become more aware of its signals for days to come.


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