June & July

Beautiful Summer!

Summer is the easiest time of year to eat healthy! :-) 

When the weather is warm and pleasant, we can choose between a beautiful array of fresh red strawberries, mangoes, pineapples and peaches - light and delicious food. In addition to vegetables like sweet peas, corn, and tomatoes, or even fresh broccoli and green kale (which will soon be available up here in the North!). In addition to the many other fruits and vegetables on the spectrum you can enjoy. What a lovely time indeed! The warm weather and sunshine also brightens up our days - being out in the sun makes us happy!

Butterfly´s Summer Menu is light and colourful with fruit  juices for appetizers and lots of wonderful vegetables for lunch. By arranging some vibrant white, green, purple, yellow and orange vegetables on a plate, and making a tasty dip, your lunch is ready in a snap. Just look at these colourful pictures to see how easy it is to be fully nourished! Just by making a smoothie with vegetables and fruit in a blender or arranging a beautiful vegetable plate, you can nourish your body with a clean, vibrant energy that makes you happy and light inside, in addition to feeling fully alive!

You are welcome to visit Butterfly´s Summer Delight  and Green Menu.

*During the month of May, I was delighted to become the Living Light Graduate

Success Story in their monthly newsletter. To see the article, please click here.

To read the monthly articles on Butterfly Season, please click here.

Have a wonderful Summer!

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