Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow...   

There is such a wonderful winter landscape up here in the North. 

It is perfect to go skiing, sledding, or to just play around and have fun in the snow. 

As a ski-instructor I spend the days outdoors with many exciting children playing delightfully in the snow; following ski tracks; skiing downhill in slalom slopes; enjoying moguls and jumping over hills. Some of the children are so very talented, flying up in the sky and landing in the soft snow with a smile. Just as quickly, they get up and run back up the hill again with the same energy and enthusiasm, happily cheering to me in the slopes. They are overjoyed with all the opportunities to play in the winter landscape. I am so grateful for such a wonderful job!

After a day of being outdoors in cold conditions, it’s nice to make something delicious and comforting when you get home, like a warm cup of soup, a colourful lasagne, a delicious pie or another comforting dish of your choice. When using vegetables, nuts, seeds and fresh seasonings, you can amazingly serve all these beautiful meals warm, while still keeping the nutrients intact. Some ways to add comfort to your food include using avocados in your soup, 
to add creaminess and smoothness, and also gently warming soups or stews on the stove or dehydrator. So long as your food does not become too warm on the stove, almost all of the nutrients will remain intact. Or why not curl up on the sofa, later in the evening, with a warm cup of cacao with almond milk; dreaming of the days to come and all the fun and enjoyment that awaits you in the snow? The winter season can fill you with an abundance of joy and gratitude.

So enjoy the beautiful, White Winter Season and try to make something special this week that nourishes your body and fills you with happiness! A beautifully decorated plate with fresh vegetables in vibrant colours, and a tasteful dip, will soon lighten you up and make your body dance with happy cells :-)

And don’t forget to enjoy some time outdoors, perhaps skiing and playing joyfully in the snow! To be truly happy we need to move our bodies daily and get lots of fresh air :-) 

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