A day in Nature

On a sunny day, spend some time in nature and enjoy all the beauty around you. When you are walking along the beach, look at the blue sky and sparkling water and feel the sun on your face. Drink in the sunlight and let the sunbeams warm your skin.

Or take a walk in the forest and smell the crisp, fresh air. Listen to the birds singing and enjoy all the plants and fresh green leaves that surround you. Experience the diversity of animal life along your path and just let the path bring you where it goes. Feel the grace around you and sense the oneness with all of life.

Or climb a mountain and look at the fantastic view and appreciate the grandness of life.

In the winter, visit a beautiful, white mountain plateau and try skiing. Enjoy the clean, white snow and the wonderful blue sky above you. Wherever you go, happily fill your body with the fresh air and uplifting energies that nature brings you.

After a day outdoors, you will feel happy and refreshed, your body content. 

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