Plant Food

Here are some easy ways to begin eating more raw foods in your daily diet, separated by meal. 


It is always wise to begin the day by drinking a glass of water. This cleanses the system while adding fluid to the body. In the morning, the body is often a little dehydrated after a full night’s sleep and welcomes the liquid. 

At your first desire for food, start with a glass of juice, a smoothie or some fresh fruit. A juice and smoothie can be made from fruit, vegetables or greens, or a mixture of them. If you still are hungry, you can eat your normal breakfast. If you don’t tend towards hunger in the morning, just wait to eat breakfast until your body is ready.


Try starting your lunch with a delicious, green salad, preferably with avocado, 

tomatoes, cucumber, shaved carrot or a cold soup made in a blender and, 

if wanted, gently warmed on the stove-top. If you still feel hungry, eat your regular lunch.


Fresh fruits and chopped vegetables along with a handful of nuts or some raw nut butter 

make an excellent snack.


Try including raw vegetables, like lettuce, shredded carrots,  corn, etc. on side of your plate. 

It adds colour to the menu, tastes great and adds excellent nutrition to your meal.

By adding more fruit and vegetables to your meals, you will soon increase your intake of fresh, 

nutritious food, along with expanding your palate to appreciate all the wonderful tastes and 

colours that fresh plant foods have to offer. 

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