Beet Soup

Beets are colourful and delicious, and full of a life-force that fills us with positive energy! The beautiful red colour immediately brightens up the dish and fills you with joy!

Ingredients                                          Yield, 2 portions

2 large beets

4 broccoli florets

2 carrots

2 small white potatoes

1 slice kohlrabi

4 lettuce leaves

A handful alfalfa sprouts

2 tablespoons almonds

1 tablespoon plant oil

1 tablespoon lemon juice

1 teaspoon sea salt

1 teaspoon herb seasoning

Pinch pepper

4 cups water


Divide the vegetables into bite-size pieces and florets and put them in the blender.

Add water, lemon juice, seasoning, oil and almonds.

Blend to a creamy and smooth consistency.

Serving suggestions

The beautiful soup is best served with a delicious, green salad topped with some 

sunflower seeds and nuts of your choice :-)

*Beets have a bright colour that easily adds colour to surrounding foods. Due to this, 

you can easily add other vegetables to the soup without changing the appearance.

 As always, you are welcome to use the vegetables you have available in your kitchen 

to make this delicious soup. They are all suited beautifully for this soup. Experiment to 

find the flavor combination that makes your heart sing! :-)

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