Living a life that is both spiritually inspired and nutritionally nourished, creates a peaceful mind and a healthy body. During the day, try to listen to your body and nourish it as the precious creation it is; every part of your body, even your spirit and mind. Try to improve your lifestyle by eating a gentler and more natural diet with more fresh vegetables and fruit, and nourish your spirit by regularly taking an uplifting nature walk. In addition, also try listening to your intuition and follow your dreams :-) 
By following your inner voice, eating lots of delicious plant foods, spending time in nature, thinking positive thoughts and realizing your dreams, you will look better, feel better and improve your health - you’ll simply radiate and feel the best you have ever felt! People who become vegetarian are also often led on a path to explore their spiritual side, a beautiful dimension that can bring your life to an even higher level of exploration. By living close to your essence, with daily meditations and nature walks, you can more easily discover your purpose in life. It may reveal the most beautiful path you could have ever imagined, using the unique talents and skills you were born to share with the world. This work may inspire you so much that yo
u will wake up happily every morning, looking forward to what the new day will bring.

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