Welcome to Butterfly Nutrition! 

A new year, full of rich and beautiful experiences, awaits you, in addition to many wonderful opportunities to enjoy healthy, delicious food. Whether you’re new to raw food or just want to add some light and nutritious food to your diet (or even if you are a master in raw gourmet cuisine!) you’re welcome to visit Butterfly Nutrition and to have a look around. In addition to nutritional topics, you’ll also find uplifting articles in the Lifestyle menu. Just have a look and see how quickly positive reading can lighten you up! By eating healthy, delicious food and surrounding yourself with positive energy and thinking, your life can change in amazing ways (and sooner than you ever would think!). 

As a nutritionist, I will post a new article here monthly about 

nutritious food and the way that positive thoughts affect our lives.

I invite you to enjoy! Wishing you a Wonderful New Year filled with 

Miracles and Wonder! :-)

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