A Fresh and New Start

When starting your raw food journey, it is wise to first clear out the cupboard and give away the food you will no longer eat. This way, it will be an exciting challenge to fill your empty shelves with new food. The same applies for your refrigerator. 
In the fridge, it is also a good idea to clean out the food that is no longer included in your new, green menu.

If you share a house with a friend or family who does not want to eat like you, you can easily designate different shelves and cabinets to store your food in your own sections. This makes it both more fun and easier for you to see your food selection and to avoid it getting lost behind other food items.

When the shelves are freshly washed and empty, you can then write a shopping list of foods you need in the days to come, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and other things you want for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You are welcome to look at the plant food ingredients and recipes and write down what you wish to buy.

When the shopping list is complete, this is where the fun begins! 

Go to the store and stock up on all the fresh, organic food you can find and 

enjoy the experience of filling your cupboards with all the healthy food when 

you get home. Celebrate a new beginning!

A refrigerator filled with fruits and vegetables is fantastic to have. It feels 

wonderful to enjoy the different array of colours while you choose which foods 

you’ll want to eat first. 

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