Happy Birthday!

Birthdays are festive celebrations! For every little kid, their birthday is a very special and happy occasion, filled with wonderful gifts, happiness and lots of cakes and sweets. To make the day both healthy and sweet, a birthday menu with fresh vegetables, smoothies and fruit can be delightful and fun! Just look at all the delicious treats in this birthday menu:


*Vegetable rolls with grated carrots, red bell pepper, corn kernels and a tasteful dip and/or spread. Served with glasses of colourful carrot juice with fun children’s straws.

Sweet Delights after happy playtime:

*Chopped fruit like oranges, bananas, grapes, melons and pineapple, served on a plate or as a fruit salad.

*To drink: delicious smoothies with fruit and vegetables (like some baby spinach or carrot juice).

And in the summer when celebrating the birthday outdoors or in a garden:

*Ice Cream 

*Fresh strawberry and raspberry, grapes and morello in colourful bowls. 

*Sparkling water with frozen strawberries in glasses with straw.

With all these delicious treats, a birthday party can be just as festive as those 

with dairy ice cream, cakes and muffins!

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