Some Advice

If you have a diet high in simple carbohydrates, it is wise to reduce the intake gradually, so the transition won’t be too sudden. You can do this over a few weeks by replacing:

- White bread with whole grain bread.

Fruit juices with fresh fruit or vegetable juices. 

White pasta with whole grain pasta. 

White rice with brown rice. 

Sweets with fresh fruit and nuts. 

- Try eating vegetables, almonds and nuts instead of pre-packaged snacks.

To keep your blood sugar stable, it is also wise to: 

- Eat nuts with fruit. 

Eat protein before sweets, like a cake.

Nuts contain protein, which reduces a blood sugar rise and keeps you satisfied longer. Foods lower in GI and higher in fibre, like wholegrain bread, will also prevent a blood sugar spike. In addition, the pre-eaten food will make you eat less of the sugar-rich fruit and sweet cakes.

Fruit and Vegetables

Fruits like bananas and pears are high in fruit sugar, especially when ripe, so they are best eaten before they are over-ripe. Many vegetables, such as carrots and white potatoes, also get sweeter in flavour when cooked. This is a great opportunity to try eating them raw, for example try eating carrot sticks alone or with a dip or as part of a colourful plate with a variety of vegetables.

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