Enjoy Eating

When I was studying nutrition, I got many A´s (a wonderful mark to get :-) but after the examinations I usually focused on other things that I loved, like being outdoors, skiing or hiking. I enjoyed studying nutrition, but, in my daily life, I look at food like I did as a child; happy for all the beautiful colours and wonderful tastes I experience. For me, nutrition is about eating a colourful variety of plant foods with vibrant life-force energy, not substances like phytonutrients and antioxidants.

Today, most people enjoy telling about all the different vitamins and minerals in green leaves and other vegetables - and that is wonderful. But it is also fine not to do. Even professional nutritionists do not always know the contents of micro-nutrients in every single vegetable. We are all different. While some people prefer thinking about the details, others like to look at the food as a whole.

Scientists usually look at a small area, like micro-substances in a vegetable, which they give different names. Instead of limiting your focus to some small particles, you can experience the wonderful plant food as a whole; how they give your body energy and make you vibrant and alive. In a plant, there is a vast number of substances that interact with each other in amazing ways. Still there are many substances left to discover and more to learn about how they interact with each other. But the glorious thing is how they all work together as a whole to nourish our bodies; making us vibrant and alive.

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