My new book about animals

Later this month I have the pleasure of launching a book about factory farming. This book is written with hopes of helping animals, like cows, goats, fish, sheep, chicken and many more, to live better lives in Norway and around the world. 

Some years ago, Norway established a new animal welfare law, called Dyrevelferdsloven. I’m proud to say that Norway was the first country in the world to recognize that animals have intrinsic value. Unfortunately, the goal of this law is still far from being realized; trips to farms around the country, veterinary reports, and firsthand accounts from people dealing with the animals confirm we still have a long way to go.

Just like other countries in the Western world, Norway still has battery hens; we still separate a calf from his dear mother the moment he is born, to live alone in a small box; we still speed up the chickens growth so fast that not even their skeleton, heart and lungs can even keep up. Economic gain is still the primary goal in animal livestock production, with little thought given to the animals and how our treatment of them affects an animal’s anatomy, physiology and mind. 

These animals are our fellow creatures and they all have beautiful souls; something anyone blessed with a dear house pet knows. These animals have senses and emotions that allow them to feel sorrow and pain just like us. Yet all of this is ignored in agricultural production for the sake of massive profit. Animals are treated like currency in a cold business model; only it is not just business, 

it is regarding living and feeling animals that should not be treated like products. 

I believe a life for an animal is as precious as a life for a human. Being a vegetarian is a way to directly help many animals. If you also omit dairy products and eggs from your diet, you are a true animal friend. A warm thank you to all of you who care for animals, by being a vegan. Your lifestyle, compassion and love help them all.

My book is written in Norwegian and is available to read for all Scandinavians (people from Norway, Sweden and Denmark), in addition to Icelanders who speak a Scandinavian language. To read more about the book or buy it, please click here. (Coming ... )

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Have a wonderful autumn with lots of healthy plant food that will nourish your body and 

support your wellbeing!

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