Chocolate Mousse

This is a delicious and creamy mousse, made with healthy and tasteful ingredients. With only three ingredients, the dessert is both fun and easy to make.

Ingredients                                                               Yield, 2 glasses

4 ripe avocados

2-3 tablespoons agave syrup

4-5 tablespoons raw cacao powder* 

Topping: strawberry, pineapple and walnuts


Divide the avocado into two halves, remove the stone and scoop out the flesh with a spoon. Place in the blender.

Add the cacao powder and agave syrup, and blend to a smooth and creamy mousse.

Divide the mousse in two beautiful glasses and top with strawberry, fresh pineapple and walnut pieces.

Serving Suggestions

This chocolate mousse can be served as a dessert, or any time of day when you wish to enjoy a beautiful treat :-)

*For a milder taste, just start with 4 tablespoons of cacao powder and add to your liking until it tastes perfect!

*A chocolate mousse made of avocado and cacao is satisfying and is best served with fresh fruit and berries. This way the mousse is served in a smaller portion, while the fruit lifts the taste.

*For a children’s party, arrange small fruit bowls for the kids and serve with a sprinkle of orange juice. If preferred, replace the cacao (which contains a stimulating flavour) with carob and serve the chocolate mousse in a bowl on the side. Then your young ones can taste it with a spoon and quickly decide if they want it as topping on their fruit bowl or not!

*Additional flavorful seasonings that can also be added to this chocolate mousse is vanilla extract, lemon juice and a pinch salt to enhance flavour. 

**For chocolate sauce, add 1/4-1/2 cup water. 

**For chocolate ice cream, freeze the mousse and let it melt a little before serving. 

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