Lentil Paté

This is a healthy paté with sprouted lentils.

Ingredients: Yield, one bowl

1 cup green lentils, soaked 12 hours, sprouted 2 days (rinse twice a day)

After sprouting:

3- 3 ½ cups sprouted lentils

2 tablespoons hazelnut or other plant oil

1/2 cup water

1-2 teaspoons lemon juice

1-2 teaspoons salt

Pinch pepper


Place the sprouted lentils, nuts, water, lemon juice and seasonings in the blender.

Blend until it is a smooth paté (adding more water if necessary).

Serving Suggestions:

Lentil paté tastes wonderful served with a fresh salad, spread in rolls and as topping on crispy wholegrain bread.

*Other seasonings to use are red bell pepper, tomato powder (made by pulsing 

sun-dried tomatoes in a coffee grinder), dulse, Italian seasonings and many more.

*Lentils contain a high amount of protein and are perfectly suited to in colourful lunch salads.

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