A smoothie is both refreshing and full of flavour, especially in the summer when the sun shines and you can add fresh fruit of berries right from the farmer’s market or even your garden. 

An excellent base for many smoothies is a banana, which adds sweetness and a nice, creamy consistency. Here is a basic, yet nutritious, recipe that yields two cups:

2 cups almond milk (or any other plant milk)

1 banana 

Divide the banana in smaller pieces and place in a blender. Add the almond milk and blend until smooth. Serve fresh and cold. Delicious!

Alternatively, try to make an orange smoothie by adding an orange, or a tropical variation with pineapple and mango. Newly picked berries also add a certain divinity to a simple smoothie; try strawberries, raspberries and/or blueberries.

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