A Green Kitchen

Here are some practical tips to save time and make your raw lifestyle easy and fun:

*Buy fruits and vegetables once or twice a week.

*Wash all produce when you come home, starting with fruits and then vegetables (dry with a salad spinner). 

* Place fruit like tomatoes, avocados, bananas and pears in bowls on the kitchen counter and store the rest in the fridge. You can purchase “green” bags which keep your vegetables extra fresh. This way, you will have clean and fresh ingredients ready to for your morning smoothie or juice, vegetables for salad, or an apple anytime for a snack.

Things to have on-hand in the fridge

When you get hungry, it is always good to have some healthy foods readily available. Try developing these simple habits to ensure you never go hungry:

*At the beginning of the week make a soup that you can store in  the fridge and eat throughout the week.

*Similarly, make a couple of your favourite salad dressings that are ready to use. 

Now you’ll only have to throw together a quick salad to have a delicious and nutritious 

meal when you’re hungry. 

*Some tasteful nut pates are also a good idea to have already prepared, as well as 

nut milk, like almond milk, for breakfast; aim to make a batch of each every week.

*To fully stock your kitchen, make sure you have a  variety of fruits and vegetables,  

almonds and nuts, raw crackers and dried fruit and other things you enjoy on hand.

By having fruit and vegetables available, in addition to soups, sauces and other foods, 

it is easy to eat healthy and nutritious food at home and also to pack a lunch or snack.

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