Sprouting lentils and beans

Green lentils and mung beans are ideal for sprouting. All you need is a glass jar and a strainer.

In the evening, rinse the lentils well and pour them into a glass jar. Then, fill the jar with water, ratio 1:3 (more water than lentils). And leave it overnight on your kitchen bench. 

In the morning, pour out the water and rinse the legumes with fresh water, using a strainer. After draining the water, keep the lentils in the strainer, over a bowl. Alternatively, use a glass jar with cheesecloth and elastic band - and turn the jar upside down to let the water drain.

In the evening, rinse and drain again. Usually, next morning, the lentils are ready to eat! 
Make sure they sprout fully. (On the other side, don´t let the sprout tail be too long... Preferably, max. 1cm long.) 

Store the sprouts in a clean container, with or without a cover, in the refrigerator 3-4 days.

Photo: Mung beans ready to eat :-) 
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