From Breastfeeding to Solid Food

At six months of age, the time has come to give a baby some solid food, in addition to mother´s milk. From 6-12 months of age, the meals will now consist of mother´s milk and baby food.

Mother´s milk contains all the nutrients a child needs (with exception of vitamin D) for a baby until he or she is 6-months old. After that, a baby needs additional sources of nutrition and supplementation for minerals like iron. It is most common to start with simple fruits and vegetables once at a time, so you can note any allergies. Try a smooth vegetable puree and an iron enriched porridge, mixed with mother’s milk, if possible.

During this period, mother´s milk is still the main source of nutrition for your child, and the solid food shall be introduced while your baby still is breastfeeding. Nutritionally, it is best for your child if you continue breastfeeding your little one throughout his or her first year to two years of life. Besides all of the valuable nutrients, breast milk also contains powerful immune boosters which protect children against infections, during childhood and well into adulthood.

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