Dark Leafy Greens

Today, dark leafy greens are considered to be one of the most nutritious vegetables. Scientific studies show that dark, leafy greens have a high content of both protein and minerals, like calcium and iron. While some people love to eat raw greens in a salad for lunch or a side dish with dinner, others find them difficult to eat. Green leafy vegetables have a bitter taste and are also not as easy to digest as tomatoes or cucumbers. Instead of eating them, a quick and easy way to consume greens is to drink them. You can make a fresh smoothie with dark leafy greens by adding about 60% fruit, such as apple, banana and orange, and 40% vegetables, including some dark leafy greens, celery or cucumber. By blending the vegetables, the fibre is broken down, it is easier to digest and, most importantly, it tastes like a delicious dose of fresh fruit! 

Another possibility is to make a soup with green leafy vegetables as one of several ingredients.

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