Fruit and vegetables grown naturally taste amazing. Just think of how delicious and fresh a strawberry or carrot tastes when it is picked at the peak of summer. 

In organic agriculture, fruits and vegetables grow in clean natural soil. The use of pesticides, fertilizer and chemicals is forbidden. As well, it is not permitted to practise genetic modifications or to use growth hormones. In organic farming, weeds are prevented by switching between crop varieties (e.g. growing potatoes one year and carrots the next). The soil is enriched with nutrients by adding compost and animal manure, as well as green manure that often consists of peas and clover. Earthworms help to make the compost nutritionally available to the plants by breaking it down. In this nutrient-rich soil, carrots, sugar peas and many other fruits and vegetables grow at their own natural pace with the maximum level of nutrients. 

Today, many natural health foods stores, grocery stores and markets are filled with a wide variety of organic foods, fruits and vegetables – even grapes, mango and avocado. A pure pleasure! You only have to decide which ones you want to buy. 

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